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Full Time Job Search to ANYWHERE! Part 1

2007-07-18 16:05:39 by SardonicSamurai

Unfortunately for me, I've waited too long to get a halfway decent full time job. Everywhere I've looked, they've either already hired, or I would need like, two to four years college experience, and I'm not quite done with my two year...

So tomorrow, in a desperate attempt of getting a full time job, I'm going to apply at all of the places I wouldn't mind working: Kmart, Walmart, Gaming Stores, anything other then the food industry, in other words...

If all fails, I am to go work at Burger King, because apparently they really want me back... *sigh*


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2007-07-18 16:26:22

You should go work for Val. I hear shes looking for a full time sex slave.

Oh god, now shes going to beat me =/


2007-07-18 23:21:28

Or you can just suck 6, 6 dirty dicks in a row like 36Holla does for money.

SardonicSamurai responds:

I heard that I get a 401k with that


2007-07-19 02:44:37

With those muscles you can come work for me. Isn't that appealing more than any of these two weirdos :)



2007-07-19 03:21:31

I can't get a job either!


2007-07-19 03:41:04

The fear your man-guns.


2007-07-19 03:55:25

haha squeeze out those muscles


2007-07-19 13:33:59

You can work for me as the guy who gets to beat up my brothers, open fridge doors, or basically do anything that would cause my nails to break?

prease? be one of my hired goons? :)

SardonicSamurai responds:

One person wants me to suck 6 dirty dicks, the other wants to have me to "work for her", and now you want me to open fridges and beat up people.



2007-07-19 17:32:00

Black People.


2007-07-19 19:26:33

Go Rob a Bank.

SardonicSamurai responds:



2007-07-19 19:38:13

I work as a contractor's aid- you should try that out if you don't mind getting hot and sweaty. There's almost always work you can do, and if you're good you can get $15 an hour easily.

I wish I was over 18- since I'm not, I only get 8/hr. Weak.


2007-07-19 22:32:28

You can come teach the children with me!!!!! We're going to fingerpaint!!!!!


2007-07-20 17:56:58

When I want to get a job to maybe pay for college, and shit, I would go work at a gaming store, or a bank.


2007-07-22 16:04:30

Actually you should move to Illinois and come drive the zambonies at the ice rink with me. Then with that on your resume it should be a cinch to get into a 60K a year job...oh wait.


2007-08-10 19:16:46

aww :[

you can make me a burger neday :]

buttt i bet i cook better :D


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