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Hey y'all!

Girlfriend of 3 years and I spent the past year and a half trying to move out of this shitty neighborhood. The housing market has been nuts that whole time. Every house we'd want, BOOM, bought. Want to go look at it tomorrow? TOO LATE IT'S BOUGHT! HAHA!

About to give up hope, when we found affordable building plans near our works, as well as interest rates dropping a TON due to this virus. We were actually looking to build before all of that happened, so the fact that we can still build and move is a really great silver lining!

It'll be big for me, Laura (gf), and the kids, as well as be in a MUCH nicer area (we won't have to worry about meth houses being near by me thinks). We've been stressing over this for far too long, but they're scheduled to break ground in just a couple of weeks! I've lived in all kinds of cruddy areas, but I've never had a place I could truly call "home". Can't tear down a wall in a place you're renting. Can't build a shed at a place you're renting. Can't do this, can't do that. We'll finally be able to customize our place to our liking, and it's exciting!

The first thing I plan on doing is setting up a stone fire pit. Something fast, simple, cheap, and easy to do (We're moving further in to the country; NO MORE CITY LIVING) so we'll have enough space to enjoy our surroundings! I'll probably start that off sometime after we're actually moved in this July when they're estimated to be finished. We're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping all this stuff blows over, but our governor seems to be doing a rather good job flattening the curve.

Also hi!


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