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SardonicSamurai's News

Posted by SardonicSamurai - September 3rd, 2009

First, I head to Columbus to go out drinking and possibly go on some college campus radio station drunk and talk live for a couple hours.

Then I head to Cinci to see my girl for the weekend and watch the fireworks for labor day ^_^

Drunken live radio and a weekend with my babe? Win.

Posted by SardonicSamurai - August 25th, 2009

All the hell of getting shit prepared for college is finally over. Now I'm IN college, haha! I assume I'll get busy again, but as of right now I'm caught up and have some free time! I took the time to audition for some newgrounds related flashes (and some not so related to newgrounds :D). I'm also writing a few scripts for some new animations I plan on working on during the freetime I have between classes at college! I'm hoping to have some stuff out for you guys soon!

I think I'm also going to try out for this contest and see how well I do. I'm still relatively new to the voice acting scene, but so far it's all been thumbs up! if you need any voices, check out my latest Voice test and I might be able to work something out :D

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /258759


Also look at my new submission for the voice acting competition for talking like a pirate :D

Posted by SardonicSamurai - August 10th, 2009

...and I'm done with college! At least with my first degree. I go back for a Bachelors in Graphic Design this Spring! YAY!

Posted by SardonicSamurai - July 28th, 2009

And I love some of the things people create with it

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Posted by SardonicSamurai - July 25th, 2009

Just yesterday, I purchased myself an MXL USB.006 microphone. After testing it out, it sounds MARVELOUS. It sounds near professional, which is much more then what a flash series or cartoon needs.

I tested it out quite a lot, and I will admit that I DO need a pop filter first. After that, I plan on animating again, and perhaps even voice acting for some flashes! I'm quite happy over this purchase, and I hope to see that it was just as smart of a purchase as this Wacom tablet!

A lot of people have been telling me to get in to voice acting, and my excuse was that my microphone sucked. I no longer have that excuse. Maybe I'll come up with another? haha. If you do ask, I want to see what you have done in your flash and what it's about. I don't want to voice act shitty sprite or stick flashes >8(


Decided to do a Voice Test. Note how I don't say "Demo". I did it with no script or added music or whatever the professionals do. Just wanted to hear how it sounded. Sounded alright. Maybe it'll sound better when I PLAN FOR IT.

Posted by SardonicSamurai - July 21st, 2009

Mutual Sex is so much better than relationships MMMMMM BAYBEH!

Posted by SardonicSamurai - July 8th, 2009

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Posted by SardonicSamurai - July 3rd, 2009


Edit: I has bite marks and scratch marks all over me :x

Edit: Forgot to mention I had no sleep last night and I just woke up from a small nap after I did that 2nd edit about 3 hours ago :3

Posted by SardonicSamurai - June 30th, 2009

Now i have to wake up super early to send it in, then I go hunting for a mic, and then to Work at 1pm :(

Posted by SardonicSamurai - June 26th, 2009

Wizard World was probably the most fun I've had in a long while.

It started with me getting off at work Wednesday at 5:30pm. I had a lot of things to do before 36Holla was to arrive at my house. Unfortunately, he got to my place 30 minutes before I got off work, so I had to do a few things and take him to a few places to get ready for next days trip. We stayed out in our pop up camper to wait for Jonas the next day.

Jonas got to our place sometime before noon, and we headed out on our 7+ hour trip. When we got there, we met a lot of awesome people. Since there are so many people to name, I won't list everyone that I saw. However, I got to meet up with a lot of the staff, and a lot of newgrounds regulars and famous people (Famous in terms of newgrounds, at least :p).

Wizard World was better than I thought. I came to help at the booth, and was expecting the rest of the place to be a major nerd fest. Surprisingly, to me at least, the place wasn't that nerdy. Sure there were a few of the stereotypical nerds i was expecting (like fat black spiderman), but they weren't high in the numbers.

Ugh, I hate listing names, because I KNOW i'm going to forget people. If I do, I'm sorry. I got to hang around with Egoraptor and TomaMoto and Jonas took many gay and possibly blackmail worthy pictures of us on a massive sumo bean bag. (I straightened it out by laying down with a few hot chicks at the other booth :3). We met with a cool user named Timmy, as well as met with a fellow moderator Absent. HappyHarry was an awesome dude, being very mellow and down to earth even though his animating skills are insane. I also got to meet with Nathan, who's a good friend of many of the staff, and was filming a documentary. GOOD LUCK MAN!

I got to meet up with fellow Ohioan afro-ninja again, and it's always a pleasure. I finally got to meet the-swain in person, and he's a great guy to be around. So many whacky and funny characters at this convention... God it's hard to concentrate and organize on just one of the many happy times I had with everyone.

liljim was everything I thought he'd be and more. When I heard he was going to be there, I smiled big. He has helped me and has given me so much advice online it's insane. He was that same guy I met online, just in person this time, and still just as awesome, if not more. I was also able to get some one on one time with Luis. We stayed at the hotel and talked awhile, and then we had some kickass food at the Hard Rock Cafe. Secretly, I love and TRY to get one on one time with everyone, and I did with almost everyone. Luis was fun to talk with, and he let me ramble on and on and on about my theories and speculations of human psych and communication. (also sorry about eating those 5 pieces so slow, lol).

I got to sit and talk with Stamper and JohnnyUtah at a bar. I think they were alright with my Stamper 'n Johnny submission I made... and did the voices for stamper...

Ok, I'm going to stop there because this is becoming all fucked up because I suck at typing my thoughts on something. I'm much better doing it in person. But i really really need to give a shout out to Stamper. I broke off from the Newgrounds group on Friday, and was dropped off at the wrong hotel location at around 2:30am. I roamed Philly alone and drunk for 2 hours. I got to the hotel (and security was nice enough to let me in) and took me to my room (I was sober by then, lol). I tried sleeping on the hard floor, but it wasn't working. I have a hard time sleeping when i'm excited about an event or being around cool people. At around 6am, my angel STAMPER is hovering over me, with pillow and blanket in hand. He throws them down to me, covers me up with a blanket, and I swear and I'm pretty sure I got my ass spanked.

Thank you, you're a fuckin' angel BABEH ;3

PS: If I forgot to mention you, blame the time I'm writing this and the fact that I suck at userpage posting.