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SardonicSamurai's News

Posted by SardonicSamurai - July 12th, 2016

I'm still here!

Shit has been kinda crazy since Pico Day (Which was a BLAST, by the way!) By the time my vacation finished, I was working 11-12 hour days, and shit hasn't ceased. I'm starting to get back to 10 hour days, but that shit murders your motivation to do anything. I pick up my pen and stare at my screen to draw and come up with nothing. All I've really been doing as of late is working, running around outside for an hour or so with friends doing that stupid ass Pokemon GO thing, or sleeping.

I've become a real bore. All work and no play, as they say. 

Hopefully I'll regain motivation and do some shit again!

Posted by SardonicSamurai - April 14th, 2016

Time has certainly gone by fast! Been just under a year since attending last Pico Day! To think; I wasn't going to go last year because of reasons; until good 'ol @Jonas convinced me to stop on by. 

Since last Pico Day, I've uploaded two animations!




Both, I believe, are better (artistically) than my past animations (Purely opinion based). Hopefully people liked 'em! As I plan to make more in the future! It's a bit tough to get stuff out in a timely fashion (with work, life, and other things in the way), but I find it enjoyable and will continue to play with animating. 

I can't wait to talk with old friends and meet some new ones! It was an amazing feeling to have people remember me and want to talk with me. This year I won't be so much of a dope and will try conversing more with more people! Anyway, just wanted to typity type on my keyboard about this because I've been looking forward to this for MONTHS.

Toodles! :D

Posted by SardonicSamurai - March 19th, 2016


Took me longer than I wanted, but after a few months I finished, so yay! I feel like i'm getting better at this kind of thing :O

Anyway, I hope you like it! It's NSFW :3

Oh, and the song at the end is something I made real quick. Posted on the Audio Portal as well:

Posted by SardonicSamurai - February 23rd, 2016

Still working on my animation! Not sure if I said this last time (and I'm not going to reread PSH FUCK THAT RIGHT?!) but I DID finish all the recordings! (minus a laugh I want to throw in). I can't reeeally give a percentage as to how far I am with the animation (as I SUCK at that), but I think/ would like to be done nearing the end of March. Drawing Disney characters is a BITCH and they look like SHIT but it's certainly a good way to learn how not to do things. 

Anyway I love you here have a kissy emote if you kiss it on your monitor it's like kissing me ha mwah! :*

Posted by SardonicSamurai - January 18th, 2016


Meet my ghetto corner!

I've been so tired of being unable to record anything due to living in a studio. Well, I COULD record, but I basically live in one GIANT bedroom that has echo/ reverb and I'd probably scare my neighbors from how much I yell.

So I decided to make my microphone a cubicle! I bought some wood, chopped it up, nailed it together, wrapped/ gorilla glued felt on for slightly more soundproofing/ durability, then cut up/ glued in the sound foam for MAXIMUM SOUND ABSORBTION (probably did it all wrong). Speaking directly in to the box creates a weird sound effect, but talking right outside the box is perfect. I plan on putting scripts on my phone and placing it inside the box to read so I don't have to keep looking at my laptop/ shuffling papers! The box (with foam) probably cost me $50-60 to make, which isn't really all that bad for a guy on a SHITTY ASS BUDGET. 

Hoping to voice my next cartoon soon :*



I voiced a single line I'm using over and over as Donald T̶r̶u̶m̶p̶ Duck to test out my Mic since his voice is most likely to crackle my mic? I dunno.

Posted by SardonicSamurai - January 6th, 2016


Click it! It's reeeally big! UNLIKE YOUR PEE PEE HA HA BUUURN.

Glad I finally finished something! I have a tendency to not finish what I've started. I'm like that mad scientist in Jimmy Neu


I haven't made a New Years Resolution on any media (including twitter, which I've used a LOT more this past year. OR REAL LIFE THAT'S THE MAIN SOCIAL MEDIA). I did say I wanted to be more active here at Newgrounds sometime last year, and I believe I have been; though not as much as I would like. Only one animation and a few drawings. I'm still working on animations; though mostly backgrounds. That's my main focus, as almost ALL of my animations have shit backgrounds. Hopefully some of my new artwork will show some improvement as well. 

I want to submit animations that are notably better than anything else I've submitted, so hopefully that shows this year!

Posted by SardonicSamurai - December 2nd, 2015

Look at me giving it a go


The background is boring, I know, but I have it all layered out to add texture and lighting and things like that. I think adding lighting will make a big difference. It's been fun drawing this, at least. I've been uber busy trying to find a new job/ interviewing everywhere. I still have a job, but hours have been getting cut. It's VERY hard to pay to live by yourself when you budgetted to live on your own with a SPECIFIC SET OF WORK HOURS ON YOUR MIND.

I like to bitch cuz imma lil BIIIITCH

Posted by SardonicSamurai - September 30th, 2015

Well, not YET!

I've been getting some pointers and tips on how to improve my background game (because my backgrounds are SHIT) so I've been putting a lot of time into that. Which means a lot of sketching, getting pissed off, trashing it, starting over, more aggravation, throwing that away, and settling like a LITTLE BITCH. I still feel I'm improving though! I fear my biggest problem is lack of patience when it comes to it. I'll feel comfortable with one background, then try to rush the next in hopes of getting to that positive feeling again. It's a BIG constraint/ problem of mine. I have all the patience in the world for everything but myself.

Unfortunately, I won't be voicing TOO much. I live in a studio, so yelling like I used to is hard without getting a knock from the po po for noise complaints ya know? I feel (No... I KNOW) all of my animations have made it as far as they have solely due to my voice. So it provides me with an interesting challenge, and will hopefully motivate me to improve! 

I've thought about asking around for voice actors, but it's been awhile since I've made anything original. I feel that would be silly of me to ask for something when I haven't done much myself. If I do well with this toon, maybe I'll ask around. That, and it PAINS ME SO MUCH NOT TO BE ABLE TO YELL AND SCREAM AND VOICE LIKE I USED TO. Almost all of my voice stuff now occurs in my car; to the point I will purposely drive no where just to vent (I'm a SAD individual okay?) Eventually, I will either move somewhere I can shout all I want, or build myself a very small recording booth.

HOT DAMN I TALK A LOT woah mama okay CYA!

Also hi.

Posted by SardonicSamurai - July 13th, 2015

It's from a Sleepycast, yay!

Was fun getting back in to it all. I've been away for far too long. Hope you enjoy it! If you don't, well WHATEVER I STILL HAD FUN YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT FROM ME.

Posted by SardonicSamurai - July 5th, 2015

And I'm back to animating! It's incredibly rough unfortunately, as I haven't done it in awhile. I also gave Flash CC a try, which I DO NOT recommend. It freezes constantly, and it COMPLETELY deleted the current animation I'm working on now. Had to start over, but luckily I kept very early drawings saved here on Newgrounds.

That is all; carry on!