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SardonicSamurai's News

Posted by SardonicSamurai - April 29th, 2015

It's been a very long time since I've been active in these parts. I used to visit almost every day; watching animations, participating in the forums, creating music and videos, and chatting with some really cool people.

I kinda fell away from it all. Every day turned in to every week, to every couple of weeks, to once a month. I'd check to see if I had messages, watch a toon here and there, then not come back for quite some time. I'm not really sure why, but things change I guess.

I still kept in touch with a bunch of people from the site and followed newgrounds on other forms of social media. I knew that Pico day was coming, but felt it'd be out of place for me to show after being absent for so long. Old friends started coming out asking why I hadn't shown in... Over 6 years I believe? All I had were lame excuses, and they let me know they were. I was invited out, and decided to spend the next month of my time trying to find a way to make my way down.

It took a lot of negotiating and effort to get the days I needed, but I got it, and went.

I had an AMAZING time. I was incredibly nervous at first. For starters, there were WAY more people than I had seen the last time. I didn't recognize half of them. It's very hard to meet new people when there are large groups talking amongst one another, so I started small and looked for people I knew. And even then, I was afraid know one would recognize me. Almost everyone I met the last time did remember, however, and they welcomed me with open arms. That, is one of the greatest feelings ever.

I met a lot of talented people. Drank entirely too much (and was happy everyone enjoyed some Cleveland beer). And was given an amazing tour of Philly while I was down. Guh, everyone was so nice.

You'll be seeing me here a lot more.

(I know this entire post was just a bunch of jarble, but I was just throwing all of my thoughts out as they came.)

Also, hi.

Posted by SardonicSamurai - March 7th, 2015

Oh man

Posted by SardonicSamurai - July 24th, 2013

Oh SHI! I actually made a new animation! If you want to call it that. You should go watch it or something! Maybe? Please?


Posted by SardonicSamurai - March 10th, 2013

My computer was down for a couple of weeks due to a shipment error and having already taken apart my PC before realizing the problem. I'm operational and will try to get back to those that have messaged me soon!

Posted by SardonicSamurai - September 15th, 2012

Oh hello there newgrounds people! Are you interested in the NG Movie Jam? Would you like someone to voice your characters? Are you tired of political nonsense on your television? Do you hate being alone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps I may be of assistance! I make a great life partner!

Also I do voices and stuff!

If you require help in anything else, I do some artsy fartsy stuff too! Woah! What a deal! And for free too! It's like I'm giving myself away! I'm like a cheap whore, but without all the sexy diseases! HOT HOT HOT!

Posted by SardonicSamurai - August 11th, 2012

Hey newgrounds! Long time no chat! So I love this apartment, I've gotten all the little nic-nacs I've wanted for a long time, so I've been trying to focus more on doing something bigger in terms of flash, rather than doodling every day. I'm actually trying to work on something more serious and less funny and random (though I'm SURE that I will get distracted and make some small short that I hope to be funny).

Misc. / Storyboard

I made a couple quick buttons to skip shit you don't want to see (sorry didn't make a "SKIP ALL THIS SHIT THE FUCK DID I LOOK AT GAWD FUCK EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS" button). Basically some quick sketch ups to help me down the road. All the dialogue is a place holder. What they actually will say will most likely change. That's why everything sounds so short or skipped.

I've been working a lot, so after a long hard work week, I've been rather enjoying myself. Which also means I've been straying from here. It's also kind of hard when you live with other people and they have people over or want to do things. I'm trying to find a good mix between being super social and being a hermit (which if you're trying to do anything for this site, you kinda have to be a hermit, unless in a group project, ha).

I'm also wanting to do more voice work, but have noticed I can hear a bunch of background noise from my computer. I'm going to look in to building a small little box I can hang on my wall and place my mic in, and then cover the intererior with noise absorbing materials to help get rid of the peskyness. Wish me luck!

No I mean it. Wish it for me. DO IT. NOW.

Posted by SardonicSamurai - May 25th, 2012

Lucky Day Forever

It's great to finally see this hit Newgrounds! I did a small part in the project as well! The backgrounds are amazing, the animation is great, and I absolutely love the music. You should go check it out!

Posted by SardonicSamurai - May 4th, 2012

Hello people of the Newgrounds!

So I'm settled in to my new place! It's super nice, I've got some good roomies, and it's affordable!

However, due to the move being so late, I missed Pico Day and the NYC meet. I guess a few people missed me, and I got a fun VM from "Jonas" while I was away. I've gotta get myself to one of these damn events.

Also, here's my naked ass living room. Is sexy no?

No Pico Day or NYC meet for me :[

Posted by SardonicSamurai - April 12th, 2012

So I've been busy as fuuuuck. Finally found a place, finally got my friend in to my work full time so we can room, and finally put down a deposit.

We will have the best possible internet available.

There's a closet large enough to put my laptop, a small table, and a mic in for recording.

I will have privacy.

Yes. Me likes very much.

Posted by SardonicSamurai - March 21st, 2012

So, Have a wee bit of a question for the many people that are smarter than me.

I made a little ship in Google Sketchup; you know, fer' shits 'n giggles 'n shit. I want to model said ship in flash, so I send it away to Swift 3D. I know how to animate with Swift 3D and export to Flash, but I have no idea how to color the model. I can make it one single color, but if I want to color the engines or cockpit different... I have no idea what I'm doing. I've seen a few animations here where 3D models are vectored and colored really nice. So far I'm failing at that. Any help or tutorials in the matter would be highly appreciated. I've searched on google, but most of the tutorials are for the drag and dropping of textures/ colors, which I do not want :(

Thanks in advance kiddies :3

Google Sketchup -> Swift3D; Coloring/ Texturing?